Stocking Program

Fastener Supply Co. offers a number of variations of fastener inventory management/stocking programs. Many customers find the following features & benefits to be most valuable:

  • Bin stocking
  • Line stocking
  • Prepackaged box quantities
  • Bar coding and other special labeling
  • EDI

In any of our fastener inventory management programs, customers receive the following important advantages:

  • Increased inventory turns
  • Reduces inventory levels
  • No (or minimal, depending on the customer) purchase orders
  • No backorders
  • No expediting
  • Reduces stock outages
  • Improved quality control
  • High strength fasteners are fully traceable by lot numbers
  • Back-up stock at our branch for regular and emergency deliveries
  • Fastener Supply Co. personnel will manage your fastener inventory, relieving your personnel of the responsibility for fasteners
  • Continued engineering support to help identify cost-effective, quality fastening solutions
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